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Why Hire a Planner


Top Four Reasons to Hire a Down To Details Planner

1. To save you time

It can take up to 250 hours to plan an event or a wedding --  What is your time worth? 

2. To save you money

A Down To Details Planner is part of the event or wedding budget, not an additional expense.  We can help you avoid costly mistakes.

3. To relieve stress

The person who coordinates the details will spend the day working, not enjoying the festivities.   A Down To Details Planner
removes the burden from you (and often your family and friends) and allows you to relax and enjoy your day.

4. To have a "Day to Remember"

 A Down To Details Planner will help you realize the wedding or event of your dreams. Together we determine how your personalities and unique sense of style can be woven through every aspect of your wedding in order to create a day that is simply elegant, beautiful, fun and romantic to you and your guests.

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